Bay Shutters in Manchester


Open the window to a new level of home design

Bay windows are as striking and aesthetically pleasing from the inside of a property as they are from the exterior, and our made-to-measure bay shutters in Manchester are designed to maximise their potential.

Whether your bay window overlooks a bustling street or a serene garden, our bay shutters offer privacy and an additional degree of privacy without compromising on natural light.


a white bay shutter covering the height of a window in a white bay area of a house


a motif from Aura Plantation Shutter's branding with a flower symbol in the middle of two lines

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I offer wooden shutters in Manchester in a vast range of finishes, woods and other materials, allowing me to create a bespoke product tailored for your exact tastes, the precise dimensions of you window and the atmosphere of the room they'll be installed in.

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What my Bay Shutters in Manchester can provide to your home

My bay shutters in Manchester:

  • Keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer
  • Are a cost-effective yet reliable means of adding value to your home
  • Are easy to clean and maintain


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