Café Style Shutters in Manchester


Continental refinement, right at home on your windows


Café-style shutters are perfect for those who want to add a touch of elegance to their living spaces. By covering the bottom portion of a window, my bespoke café style shutters in Manchester allow for ample light flow while preserving your privacy.

This makes them particularly suitable for ground-level or street-facing rooms, giving you access to natural light without the niggling feeling you are being overlooked.


cafe style shutters installed on half a tall window


a motif from Aura Plantation Shutter's branding with a flower symbol in the middle of two lines

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Informed by over 20 years of joinery experience, my custom-made wooden shutters in Manchester are endlessly customisable to your exact tastes and budget. No matter the atmosphere of the room I am designing a shutter around or your aesthetic preferences, I offer a top-to-tail shuttering service that spans design, manufacture and installation.

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What my café style shutters in Manchester can provide to your home

My café style shutters:

  • Offer complete privacy with plenty of light flow
  • Are perfect for front-facing rooms
  • Are easy to maintain and clean


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