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Shutters make for a timelessly elegant yet functional inclusion to any interior space - Nothing else makes your home secure, adds a layer of privacy and can save you money on heating bills in the long term.

With no two people having the same tastes and no two interiors being the same, Aura Plantation Shutters are dedicated to creating and installing completely bespoke plantation shutters in Manchester and the surrounding area.

bay shutters in two tiers installed on a bay window with curtains to the sides



Our Range of Plantation Shutters in Manchester


Bay shutters 

Bay shutters make for a classically stylish addition to a room, complementing the unique look of bay windows while offering excellent light control, privacy and insulation. Whether you opt for a traditional or a more modern look, bay shutters allows you to enjoy the outside while maintaining the level of comfort and ambiance you desire.

bay shutters installed in front of a bay window with stained glass tops


Curved bay shutters 

Our bespoke-made curved bay shutters allows you to preserve the open feel of a curved space without having to sacrifice your privacy, desired ambiance or awkwardly fit a curtain. They elegantly complement the natural lines of the curved window to provide a seamless fit every time.

curved bay shutters installed on a window


Shaped shutters 

Our shaped shutters off a bespoke solution and seamless fit for any uniquely-sized or shaped window you may have. Whether you need shutters for an arched, circular or triangular window, we will design, manufacture and fit a made-to-measure solution.

Wooden Shutters in Manchester


Café-style shutters 

Inspired by the cosy ambiance of European cafes, café-style shutters offer a strong balance between elegance, cost and functionality. They are a particularly strong option for street-facing windows, enhancing your privacy while allowing in a great deal of light.

a triangular shaped shutter installed onto a window with a chandelier hanging in front


Bifold shutters 

Bi-fold shutters allow you to make best use of available space, whether you are using them in lieu of curtains or in doorways. Their fold-away design offers unobstructed views and easy access to the window or opening.

six bifold shutters installed onto a long window


Track shutters 

Track shutters are a versatile and contemporary option for larger spaces and windows. The fact that tracks can be installed anywhere and that our shutters are made to-measure means they can also be used as divide rooms and even outdoor spaces.

closed track shutters installed onto a window of a sitting room


 a motif from Aura Plantation Shutter's branding with a flower symbol in the middle of two lines


Which shutter style is the best fit for you?

With over 20 years of joinery experience, I offer a range of different wooden shutters in Manchester in a huge range of finishes and materials, allowing me to create and install custom shutters to suit any preference.

Looking for inspiration or further ideas? Visit my portfolio.

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 a selection of samples for different shutters, in different materials, colours and finishes

Materials and Finishes

Each variety of my wooden shutters in Manchester are available in a plethora of materials and finishes, including:

  • Walnut
  • Redwood
  • Beechwood
  • Light cedar
  • Dark cedar
  • Grain finishes
  • Smooth finishes
  • Varnished finishes
  • Painted finished
  • …And much more!


For some examples of the finishes and materials I offer, feel free to take a look at my past works.

My Portfolio

I will provide you with a full survey kit of example materials and finishes during our initial survey. You can find out more about my two-stage survey process here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are shutters good at reducing road noise?

Compared with blinds or curtains, shutters are especially effective at reducing road noise. The thickness and density of well-made shutters provide natural soundproofing qualities.

How do I choose the right shutter for my home?

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How do I choose the right shutter for my home?

Yes – The presence of shutters can act as a physical deterrent to intruders, indicating that your property is well-maintained and my have addition security measures in place.

Do shutters improve energy efficiency?

The natural insulating barrier created by closed shutters can reduce heat loss through windows by more than 50%, reducing your home’s reliance on heating and cooling systems and potentially leading to energy savings and lower utility bills.

Do shutters add value to a property?

Yes – Between the sophisticated finish they provide, longevity, noise-reducing and energy efficiency-boosting qualities, shutters are an affordable yet reliable means of adding value to a property.


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