Shuttering Joiner In Manchester



How I make your shutter visions a reality

As a dedicated shuttering joiner in Manchester, each shutter I create is made-to-measure and exclusively tailored for your windows.

Due to the precise construction of shutters and the importance of exact measurements, I create wooden shutters in Manchester following a free two-stage quotation process. This makes sure that every i is dotted and ever T is crossed before I take your ideas to the workshop and bring them to life, ensuring a perfect design and a perfect fit every time.

 a row of shutters installed on a bedroom window



The Aura Plantation Shutters Quotation Process

1. Initial Survey

Once you get in touch, I will get back to you to arrange an in-person survey at a time that suits us both.

Some clients have a clear-cut vision for the exact shutters they want in their home, right down the type of wood and exact grain. Others have a more general idea, and are open to suggestion.

That's why my initial survey for installing wooden shutters in Manchester is both an opportunity for me to take general measurements and to provide you with a full survey kit to give you examples and inspiration. I will provide you with samples of the materials, frames, finishes, hinges and types of shutters I can make for you, as well as some recommendations for what I think would look best for the room in question and your house in general.




a variety of different shutter samples with colour, grain and hinge samples


2. Initial Quotation

Once we have discussed the type of shutter you are looking for, I will give you a ballpark figure for the design, construction and installation costs based on the measurements and samples you liked.

If you agree to this then we can book a date for a more detailed measure.

a variety of different shutter samples in different colours, materials and shapes


3. Finer Details

Nothing is more frustrating for a joiner and their client then finding out that a window is a tiny bit shorter or longer than they thought. These kinds of small mistakes are only fixable with a hurried modification on-site, or having to take the shutter back to the workshop and delay the installation.

That's why I always follow up with a second survey to take precise measurements, right down the nearest millimetre. This both ensures that your custom wooden shutters will be perfectly flush with your windows, and gives you an opportunity to let me know about any last-minute tweaks or amendments you want made to your design.

 solid shutters on a window looking out the the house opposite 


4. Design and Installation

Only when I have exact measurements and given you the opportunity to make last-minute changes will we book a date to install your wooden shutters in Manchester or the surrounding area.

installed shutters in a kitchen




Where do Aura Plantation Shutters serve?

Despite mostly working with wooden shutters in Manchester, I am happy to provide my services to a surrounding 60 mile radius of the city centre.



Also open to commercial work

The size and complexity of the jobs I undertake as a shuttering joiner in Manchester and my decades of industry experience makes me particularly suited to undertaking commercial projects.

If you are in need of commercial shuttering joinery services, please email me at for further details.